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1.FiT attended the Charity Dinner Activities organized by the CPPCC of GETTD

The FiT executive team was invited to participate in the year 2016 Guangzhou Development Zone CPPCC charity dinner activities, FiT and the leaders from Guangzhou Development Zone practiced the charitable giving activities together which was highly praised by local government and community.

2.FiT Participated in Chimine Inaugural  Ceremony—“Angel MOM" Fund-Raising Night

Chimine  inaugural ceremony-“Angel Mum” fund-raising night was held in GuangYue Hui, the  Top international private club in Guangzhou. Personalities of various circles  attended to support the ceremony. FiT was invited to attend the ceremony.FiT actively participated in the charity activity, and enjoyed  a pleasant evening with elites from all walks of society.Chimine,  gathering high-tone and influential female elites of various circles, aims to  create the first woman exclusive high-end social platform and return the society  by public strength.

3.Donation of the Countryside Road Construction


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