1996Company founder Dongcheng M&E established with the major crew from the related   departments of China National Nanhai Engineering Co.Ltd(CNNEC) and started   the first M&E Installation project with Colgate USA.
2001The workshop expanded due to the strong growth of the plant construction   business; Started the fabrication business of non standard industry   equipment.
2002Started the plant maintenance outsourcing; The business grew continuously and   successfully.
2003Started the nationalwide plant construction and maintenance outsourcing business.
The fabrication business of stainless steel process equipment increased   dramatically. The manufacturing process and quality increased to a higher   level.
2006Ten years company history celebration and the company culture had being formed on   a solid base.
2007Demonstrated a Quality Management System that complies with ISO9001:2000.
2008Rapid business growth in plant construction and maintenance outsourcing in the East   China. Suzhou Sub Company Established.
2009Company continuously grows to a higher level; Stock share company established.
2011Fifteen years company history celebration and the performance  of the company    has achieved sustained growth. 
2013Project & Maintenance Business grows with a dramatically trend in the Chemicals,   Pharmaceuticals and Environmental Protection Industries.
2016Company Business Expanded to North China/North East China.
2018For ease acquiring the National General Contract License Level 3,The Company name   changed to Guangzhou FiT Construction Ltd.
2019The Company focused their businesses on the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food &   Beverage and Environmental Protection industries, The company devoted to be   is a leading multi-site, nationwide outstanding engineering service provider   within China.
......We have been growing ...

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