Multi-site, Nationwide Provider of Plant Construction and Maintenance Outsourcing Solutions.

Build it right,Maintain it right, since 1996.


FiT Construction Ltd. is a leading multi-site, nationwide outstanding service provider, engaging in comprehensive Construction and Maintenance outsourcing solutions for the Chemical & Petrochemicals, Pharma & Bio, Food & Beverage and Environmental Protection industries’ clients and companies within China. Its qualifications include:

1. General Contractor Certificate for the Construction of the Buildings (GC Level 3);

2. General Contractor Certificate for the Construction of the Petrol-Chemicals & Chemicals(GC Level 3);

3. Safe Production Permit and etc.

China National Nanhai Engineering Co.Ltd (CNNEC), Headquartered in the Chemical Industrial Building of Shenzhen City, is the long term strategic partner of FiT Construction Ltd. CNNEC is the first company in China which integrated the engineering into the construction in the petrochemical and chemical industries. It has:

1.  General Contractor Certificate for the Construction of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries (GC Level 1);

2.    General Contractor Certificate for the Construction of the Buildings (GC Level 1);

3.    Professional Contractor Certificate for the Installation of M & E and Equipments for the Construction of the Buildings (Level 1);

4.    Professional Contractor Certificates for Steel Structure (Level 1);

5.    Professional Contractor Certificates for the Fire Services  (Level 1);

6.    General Contractor Certificate for the Municipal Engineering (GC Level 3);

7.    Qualification Certificate for Contracting Overseas Project;

8.    License for Installation, Rebuild & Maintenance of the Special Equipment of the Boiler (Installation Level 1, Rebuild Level 3);

9.    License for Installation and Repair of the Pressurized Piping [GA1 for Grade 2 Long Distance Transferring Piping ;GB1(PE specialty included) & GB2(2) for the Utilities Piping; GC1 & GD2 for Industrial Piping];

10.  Quality Management System Authentication GB/T19001-2018/ISO9001:2018;

11.  Environmental Management System Authentication GB/T24001-2018/ISO14001:2018;

12.  Sunshine(Tian Yang) Engineering & Design Co., Ltd. (Former Name Chemical Industrial Designing Institute of Shenzhen City) which is share controlled by CNNEC, owns the Chemical and Pharma Industrial Designing Certificate A-Level (Oil and Chemical Products Storage and Transport),Construction of Buildings Designing Certificate A-Level and Designing of the Chemical and Pharma Industrial Buildings Certificate B-Level, Municipal Engineering B-Level (Ventilation & Gas), Environment Protection Design B-Level (Waste Water & Waste Air), Automatic Fireproof Project Design A-Level and Pressurized Piping Design Certificates (GB/GC Categories).


Qualification & Certificates